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Persuading pixels to achieve their maximum potential

Misc. work


Food Club challenges

TODAY Food Club  

Users can earn badges for their activity, contributions, show appearances and upvotes from other community members.

Increasing user engagement

The TODAY Communities (Food Club and Parenting Team) were created as a way to engage our users in a new way across two of the most popular sections of  Users and bloggers join together to post content, give advice, share hacks, and engage in discussion.

TODAY Communities

The Parenting Team Q&A: Users are invited to ask and answer.

Presentation of how & why we set up a Private Beta Roku channel
Seeking feedback and data from super users

Back in 2016 our Roku app was about to go under a major change. In this deck I presented to the News Digital working group, I described how and why we decided to build a cohort of super users to better guarantee that our most successful video product would be improved and encourage more video consumption.

Roku Beta Channel Cohorts

Branding, logo and some poster work for an outstanding pub on Orcas Island, WA


I'm creating a road trip theme including level-up badges, achievements, and collateral for an online self-publishing company

Book Themes

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