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Persuading pixels to achieve their maximum potential

I am a Senior UX & Lead Designer building mobile apps and solving problems for NBC News Digital based in Arizona. I create concept-to-completion products and features influenced by market analytics, user-testing & business objectives. Daily work has me collaborating with PMs, developers, designers, post-production artists, researchers, and stakeholders who are willing to fail fast, learn and succeed. When feedback is needed I value radical candor and productive criticism. Successful projects provide objective–based solutions delivering effortless experiences while exceeding user expectations.

I am a Certified Professional in Accessible Core Competencies by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals as of June 2022


Drop me a note, I'd love to connect with you!
hello @ lisawilkins dot com


Lisa Wilkins, smiling in a selfie, standing on a roof deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York with the Empire State Bldg and New York skyline in the background

This site was made on EditorX. I'm still evaluating if the layout restrictions are worth the speed of production. It was printed with the finest pixels available.

I used the font families Gibson for headings, and Crimson Text for captions and body copy

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