Lisa Costanzo Wilkins

Persuading pixels to achieve their maximum potential Résumé

TODAY & NBC News Digital

Sr. UX Designer

Latest projects:

Design System and Motion Library A redesign of the NBC News app injunction with the redesign of and creation of a new design system we call Bento. You can read about it's beginnings here, and how it's larger than just a visual design system. This work includes but isn't limited to:

TODAY & NBC News App Redesign

TODAY Show app: iOS launch in February 2019 (with continued updates)

The TODAY Show app relaunch began as a proof of concept in September 2018 to see just how quickly our templating system could be implemented. We limited the scope to iOS. Within a couple of days we had the TODAY app content successfully rendering in our POC. Small changes to type, font, color and imagery to give the app a fresh look with a familiar foundation. Further improvements and more user testing is elevating refinement of the interface.

NBC News app, launched 2018 (with continued updates) iOS | Android Before jumping into a new design language and overhaul we asked why have an app at all? What will it bring that mobile web doesn't provide?

NBC News channel on Roku

The NBC News Roku channel is an awesome example of straight–up function. It was quickly made in a few weeks many years ago, using an out-of-the-box SceneGraph Roku interface. A true ugly duckling, but the NBC News app was benefitting from the large Roku market to showcase the amount a video available. The app has also always been a heavy-hitter in regards to the amount of video watched versus any other device NBC News or TODAY is rendered on. It outperforms Apple TV, Amazon Fire, mobile apps, mobile web and desktop across every property. The evolution was, and will continue to be, made with the help of hundreds of volunteers we recruited to test on our beta channel. Feedback is solicited via Survey Monkey, email, and phone follow-up.

Previous Roku channel
Before: It's ugly, yet working.
Phase 1 Roku chanel refresh
Phase 1: Immediate immersion with auto-playing video. Users have the ability to watch and browse the menu simultaneously.

I had the opportunity to refresh the Roku app, but we couldn't begin without understanding why the app was so successful. I didn't want to lose or negatively affect a loyal audience that comprised the bulk of our video consumptuin.

These small changes increased time spent by over 25%. Continued improvements and releases are ongoing and a design system update is set to be implemented in late 2019. Editorial Support

I first contracted with early in my career to write specs. Since that very dull and not-so-creative beginning I was converted to full–time and have worked nearly every design position from daily editorial artist to company-wide design training for a new CMS. Other responsibilities have included:

Digeo Broadband

Lead Designer

OTT and web design

At a small interactive television company (formerly Digeo, now Arris) I led a team of four designers to create an interface navigated via remote control dPad for DVR and OTT programming and commerce interactions. We delivered solutions to better integrate the normal 10ft passive TV viewing (channel surfing, search, programming the DVR, etc.) with active engagement accompanying shows and their sponsors.

The process is a rough guideline. The size and deadline (occasionally event driven, such as elections) will determine how many rounds of user testing needed, the level of documentation, the holistic design system, etc.

I provide human support to this:
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