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A quick & dirty list because the cobbler never has new shoes


I work with an awesome team and some of the most talented people in the biz at the news bird
the details...
    For the last 10–ish years I've been:
  • ...creating, implementing & solving for our user's experiences
  • ...producing editorial & internal tools
  • ...writing specs, creating protoypes, but more recently creating & responsive designs using agile production
  • ...displaying data
  • ..supporting the editorial staff with daily event–driven support, templatizing often used features
  • ...collaborating to create best–practices & style consitency withing the network
  • ...continuously learning, coding, designing, brainstorming, evolving, erasing, re-evaluating, economizing, scraping, re-do-ing, simplifying, improving, participating, perfecting, launching, debuging & more... which conveniently also adds keywords for preprocessing resume bots.
    • 2003-2012 at msnbc interactive. In 2012 Microsoft's share of msnbc interactive was bought back by NBC Universal. The divorce was amicable, and I have to say not being on the Microsoft main campus after 11 years is a nice change.

Before the bird:

I was making televisions interactive at Digeo (now Arris) for the Accidental Zillionaire
the details...
    For a few years I...
  • ...lead a team of four designers collaborate with development, marketing and content teams for both the 10' & desktop experiences
  • ...developed user interfaces for 10' navigation, and set-top box playback & shopping interactions
  • ...created online & printed end–user manuals / tutorials for the more advanced features of the interactive TV system features.
  • ...prototyped program specific interactive pitches for broadcast and set-top box producers
  • ...worked with third-party industrial designers to create a simple, intuitive remote control.

I began at the beginning:

In a sweet office, on the top floor with furniture that, I'm fairly certain, was pulled from Boeing Surplus

the details...
  • Ads, ads, ads, ads ,ads! I was a master at all IAB guidelines: 468x60! Web-safe! 8k! Infinite looping perfection!
  • Illustrations, logo development
  • Print & investor relations presentation materials

Something on the side

Just build Websites

the details...


I feel like (and don't dance much better than) this from June - September...
happy happy happy
... & the rest of the year:
someone shoot me

Pre-work prep:

I received a BFA in Photography & New Media (when it was actually new) from the UofW.

There were three instructors that influenced me greatly, mostly because we didn't always agree:

I have a rockin' awesome genius son.

Of course 80% of parents think their kids are at a genius level, & only 5% of kids would test at such a level .... I just know my son really is. I'm totally not biased on this.

Together we own this: